In recent years, I have found myself helping friends and subsequently friends of friends, and now clients. as they struggled with the complexities of their new cameras or just wanted a much better understanding of shutter speeds, apertures, ISO's, composition and lighting. It can be so frustrating to know you have bought or been given a great camera but never feel you are getting the most of it. As a result of suggestions from some of those I've helped, I can offer half or full day tuition covering all these aspects of photography to beginners or those wanting to move up a level to help them obtain better images and really use their camera, whether a basic compact camera or the most expensive digital SLR to it's full capabilities. My aim is that you leave knowing that you are controlling the camera rather than it is controlling you!

The day will very much be tailored to your individual needs but amongst the topics to be covered would be:

-Knowing your camera controls and how they impact your pictures.
-Simplifying settings and the rationale behind aperture, shutter speed and ISO
-The various Focus and Exposure modes and their uses.
-How Composition, Background and Light can transform an image.
-Using different focal lengths and the effects they have.
-How to use projects to use the skills you are gaining.
-"The Digital Darkroom"..use your PC or laptop and the right software to get the best final result.

I can be reasonably flexible on location and can combine detailed instruction and theory with some practical experience out in the field if wanted. Indeed on the longer day, an equal split between the two has been most people's choice and I think works well.
Whilst this website concentrates on my wildlife photography, I have spent many years also covering all aspects of photography so if Landscapes, Sports, Architecture etc are more your favourites I can adapt the day accordingly to suit whatever works best for you.

I currently charge £109 and £199 respectively for the courses. All refreshments can be included on the half day and a packed lunch and transport can equally be provided on the longer one if out on location. If interested it'd be great to hear from you and please feel free to contact me through the Contact heading on this website for details and I look forward to helping you get the most out of both your camera and your photographic imagination. (Please note I strongly suggest clients have their own insurance covering themselves and their equipment as we (NMPhotography) can accept no liability for losses or damage caused by any means whatsoever and by booking/attending any tuition course is the client's acceptance of this condition. NB..Apologies for this but I have to put it given issues that have sadly arisen in some client industries including photography and much better to have clarity for both parties upfront. Thanks)